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Welcome to the world of comedy-pop duo Peter Marshall & The Lomos.


10th Anniversary of Peter Marshall & The Lomos
2019 Jun 2921m 51s
It's nearly the 10th anniversary of Peter Marshall and The Lomos so Lomo 1 and 2 decided to have a reminisce about their ramshackle ways and record an improvised gig in the pitter patter of rain in front of a live studio dog.
How about an improvised concept album?
2018 Nov 049m 37s
This is how we work. An insight into the mind of Peter Marshall & The Lomos and we consistently conjure up good songs....well, at least 8 times in 10 years. Yes, there are album tracks. But if we were to rock up on stage and play some of those tracks it would be like...erm...our worst gig ever. Which incidentally was at a charity gig at Bramall Lane football ground in 2009. It was definitely worse than this podcast episode. Which is saying something.
The History Of The Yorkiverse
2017 Dec 1710m 28s
In special Marshall of The Yorkiverse episode, Peter take us through the history of this fair land we like to call the Yorkiverse.
Christmas With Uncle Jim
2017 Dec 126m 54s
PMATL tell you why they can't be arsed this Christmas. Lomo 2 finally gets to sing his own Christmas song. And the Yorkiverse is introduced to pervy old Uncle Jim.
Peter meets Santa Claus
2016 Dec 051m 44s
Peter Marshall as himself
Peter meets Constantine
2016 Nov 243m 39s
Peter meets Constantine: York's premier street theatre performer
Peter meets Johnny Depp
2016 Nov 173m 31s
Peter meets Johnny Depp: South York's most popular chocolatier
Peter Meets Dickie Turpentine
2016 Nov 103m 38s
Peter meets Dickie Turpentine: York's most famous highwayman turned stripper
Peter Meets Guy Fawkes
2016 Nov 032m 19s
Peter meets Guy Fawkes: celebrated terrorist and lover of gummy sweets.
Peter meets James The Ghost (featuring James Christopher)
2016 Oct 264m 48s
Peter meets James The Ghost: permanent habitant of York's most haunted pub.