Questionable: With Chy & Ali
  • Cheyenne Duff
13 episodes
Two best friends navigating their way through Toronto. Always broke and always petty. Follow us while we discuss relationship, sex, money and all things adult hood. Are we even really adults? Do we qualify? Questionable.


Daddy Issues
2021 Mar 0225m 51s
In this weeks episode Chy and Ali discuss one thing they have in common,  Daddy Issues. Listen to us drag our dad's. Follow us on instagram
I'm not paying for this
2021 Feb 2334m 36s
In this weeks episode we are so over life. Lets go over what were not paying for. Follow us on Instagram
Our reality with racism
2021 Feb 1640m 7s
In this weeks episode Chy and Ali discuss they're experience growing up, dating, social standards with racism. Follow us on Instagram
How to get your boo back
2021 Feb 0930m 19s
In this weeks episode, and the final episode of the love trilogy we discuss how to get back on good terms with a s/o. Follow us on Instagram
Just break up already
2021 Feb 0329m 33s
The second episode of the love trilogy In this weeks episode we discuss those tragic couples that are together that really shouldn't be.
Doing the most
2021 Jan 2639m 20s
The Love Trilogy Episode 1 : It's time bitches! In this weeks episode we discuss cheating/cheaters and most importantly how to catch a cheater 101. Follow us on Instagram
Can I be your hormone monster
2021 Jan 1939m 25s
In this weeks episode we re-visit what it was like to go through puberty, and whether or not we would make good hormone monsters. If you watch big mouth then you already know! Follow us on instagram
Anal & Other Things
2021 Jan 1240m 27s
In this week's episode we dive right into a topic no one asked us to cover, ANAL. Chy recounts her past experience with it and Ali recounts his present. Follow us on Instagram
New Year New Gay 2021
2021 Jan 0534m 56s
Hey everyone! We are back with a new episode to ring in the new year! In this weeks episode we discuss journaling, accountability and utilizing technology to make our hectic lives easier.  Want to keep up with us? Check us out on Instagram
The Party Never Stops
2020 Dec 1546m 27s
In this weeks episode we reminisce about the good'ole days of partying pre - covid since 2020 did us all dirty.  Toronto staples like Muzik and infamous new years trips to Montreal. Join us on our questionable drinking habits and finessing.