T.G.I.M (Thank God Its Monday)
  • The Ola
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Everyone surely needs a cheer up on a grouchy Monday Morning. Well, I'm your favorite cheerleader! Let's start our week on an awesome note. You know you need this!!!


Episode 07: Let's talk about learning a new skill.
2021 Jan 2512m 46s
On this episode, taye and I talk about how important learning a new skill is and challenges you'll most likely face while learning a new Skill, we also talk about how to scale through these challenges.
Episode 6: Let's talk about new year resolutions and how to get it right.
2021 Jan 0412m 32s
On this episode, I talk about making new year resolutions and how to ensure it gets done at the end of the day. Tune in!!
Episode 5: Let's talk about "New year,New me" trash or not.
2020 Dec 2815m 45s
In this episode, I feature ini and we discuss new year attitudes and how personality change doesn't necessarily have to occur on new year.
Episode 04: Let's talk about Christmas and Adulthood.
2020 Dec 0712m 15s
Tune in to hear me talk about celebrating Christmas as an adult.
Episode 3: Let's talk about the beautiful sounds of 2020.
2020 Nov 3022m 44s
In this episode, I discuss about the many albums that was put out by nigerian artist this year and point out my favorite. This episode is purely my point of view and carries no hate. Bless up!!
Episode 2: Let's talk about adulthood being a scam.
2020 Oct 0519m 6s
Is adulthood really a scam? I'm sure at a point you asked yourself this question. Tune in to hear what I think about adulthood being a scam. Happy listening. Follow me on Instagram with this link https://instagram.com/t.g.i.m_with_theola.
Let's do a quick introduction.
2020 Sep 2822m 18s
This episode is an introductory episode. I highlight what i hope to achieve with this podcast. Have fun listening ☺️☺️
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