Marriage + Autism: Navigating Marriage While Raising a Child with Special Needs
  • Juan Crespo and Kathy Riojas
3 episodes
Life wasn't supposed to be this way. A married couple of 13 years shares their experience of how an Autism diagnosis of one of their children forever changed their life trajectory. Everyone tells you that marriage is hard, but how hard would marriage get when you add the unique dynamic of special-needs parenting? Will this marriage survive? Join us as we talk candidly about marriage, family and love.


Insurance Issues
2021 Mar 0150m 5s
All of a sudden we find ourselves lacking coverage for something we truly believe is essential for our son. While we were expecting to allocate resources to particular parts of Jacob's interventions, we had no idea the amount of insurance issues we could face.
Moment of Clarity
2021 Feb 0838m 31s
The red flags were all around us, but yet we found ourselves in the midst of denial. Juan and I share what it was like as we individually processed the scary reality that something seemed different about our son. We anticipated the worst, but hoped for the best.
Marriage + Autism: Podcast Trailer
2021 Feb 083m 13s
We're Kathy and Juan, parents to three amazing children, one of whom has Autism. The diagnosis impacted every aspect of our life, particularly our marriage.
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