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This podcast was created for all social media marketers, online sellers, and influencers in mind. There's a wealth of information out there that millions of people are not PLUGGED into. Every week you can get PLUGGED IN, to what I call "GOLDEN NUGGETS of INFORMATION" from some of today's up & coming social media marketers & influencers. They have created remarkable businesses through social media and created residual income and wealth by doing so. Support this podcast:


I Want to start a Business, But.....
2020 Oct 091h 1m 2s
With a smorgasbord board of products available to the world today it's getting harder for people to decide on what products they want to sell or brand.
How To: Start Your Own Podcast
2020 Oct 071h 8m 16s
This episode on Plugged In, listen to how I drop jewels on not only starting your own podcast but getting paid to do it. Everything from A-Z, equipment needed, and your topics. Building your audience & transition over from your social media platforms to your podcast platform.
The Importance of Automation
2020 Oct 061h 3m 38s
On this episode of Plugged In, I break down and go into detail how setting up an automation system you can literally make money while you're sleeping, at dinner, and even on vacation.
6 Figure DJs Business Model
2020 Oct 0451m 6s
This episode of Plugged In, I lay out a 6 figure business model for DJs. Everything from paid listening parties, paid mp4 downloads, to DJing virtual parties in multiple locations at once.....
^ Figure Cooking Business Model
2020 Oct 031h 10m 13s
This episode on Plugged In, I'm dropping jewels and giving free game on creating, starting, & building a 6 figure business by cooking.
Creating Eye-Popping Social Media Content
2020 Oct 021h 6m 19s
This episode I drop jewels of Free Game on how to create the content your social media business page needs to get people to stop, like, and follow your page. Taking them from the unknown (X) to Raving Fans.
10 Things to Avoid, to be Successful
2020 Sep 261h 1m 56s
This episode on Plugged In w/Robert D Muhammad I'm dropping jewels & giving free game on avoiding these 10 things that will help you become successful. Yes there are a lot more but these are my top 10.
Dropping Jewels: How to Get Booked on Stage
2020 Sep 261h 14m 21s
Today's episode on Plugged In w/ Robert D Muhammad, I'm dropping free game on how to get booked on any stage across the country, sharing your story and getting paid to do it.
"Plugged In w/Robert D Muhammad
2020 Sep 231h 2m 10s
This episode of Plugged In w/Robert D Muhammad I'm Dropping Jewels and giving value on starting your own clothing line and brand for FREE!!!!!
"Plugged In w/Robert D Muhammad
2020 Sep 181h 13m 42s
This podcast I'm Dropping Jewels. Free Game on how to get booked on any stage in America, telling your story & getting paid to do so.