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Felix Ojeda is the Creator of Palango! Fitness a fitness program offer in several cities . Palango! Fitness is a simple fun and intense program. Felix Ojeda is originally from Valencia Venezuela , has 3 kids and own Palango! Fitness trademark and program.


2020! Today is the day!!
2020 Jan 1510m 20s
Let's get it done today! I want to share with you guys my passion for Palango! Fitness by telling you that today is the day!? 2020 is here and our health and fitness should not depend of a year or date. Our health is a day to day process where we are responsible for keep our body, health and mind in the best condition possible.
Do your push up now!!
2019 Dec 058m 50s
Feeling better , getting better and getting healthier is something that everyone wants. Do it the job to achieve that is another thing . Knowing you need to do push up to get stronger is very different than doing the push up. Let's start doing the push up
Get Ready !!
2019 Nov 2010m 2s
The most important part in the process of getting fit and healthier is the process of getting ready for it. Before you even start anything we all need to set up our mindset into that goal. Enjoy it
It's all about perspective
2019 Nov 1334m 38s
Let's talk about perspective and fitness. How we all see fitness in different ways and what to do to change or not someone perspective about health , fitness and the journey for a better you
Good Intentions
2019 Nov 0711m 19s
Good intentions is short description of how I feel about what I do and how I feel that whatever. I am doing , I'm doing it for a good reason.. confusing ! I little bit. Give your feedback and let's start the chat
Palango! Fitness it's never late to start over!
2019 Oct 2517m
This is Felix Ojeda first Podcast . Felix Ojeda is the Creator of Palango! Fitness. In this episode he will introduce himself and his journey into a new lifestyle .
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