Missed call from the dads
  • Jackie
4 episodes
The caller you are trying to reach are two best friends who like talking about random things & and making people laugh. @Flicker.monse @Jackiee.am


Questions & Confessions
2021 Feb 0336m 37s
We answer random questions from a question generator, Jackie talks about her dilemmas, Monse talks about her family and Corian, the homies, birthdays & many more things!!!
Get to know Jackie and Monse!
2021 Jan 2722m 55s
We ask each other questions people gave us on Instagram! Thank you to everybody who’s sharing and asking us things for our podcast <3 STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!
Sneak peek 🤩
2021 Jan 2619m 12s
Introducing moose and rabbit 😃👍🏼 Here’s a little introduction to our friendship! We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of us ranting about random shit. More podcasts soon!
The one where Jackie talks about one thing and says another
2021 Jan 257m 48s
Hey, I wanted to mess with this and I ended up making a 6 minute long podcast so hopefully y’all enjoy this!
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