• Mackenzie Broadhurst & Micah Cotner
5 episodes
A prestige investigative podcast uncovering The Mystery No One Asked For. Week by week, film by film, hosts Mackenzie Broadhurst and Micah Cotner are picking up the breadcrumbs, tying the loose ends, and examining every grain in the hourglass that is the Adam Sandler Cinematic Universe.


50 First Dates & the Callahan Institute
2021 Mar 021h 55m 29s
Micah and Mackenzie are joined this week by Ryan Hennessey (Obtuse) to discuss 50 First Dates. This is a film rife with gaslighting, white-reggae songs, and many dates, but not exactly 50. The gang dig in to topics such as the strange things Micah used to get while working at a thrift store, Adam Sandler's apparent ability to communicate with animals a la Eliza Thornberry, and why Rob Schneider is just the absolute worst. We really break in to a solid theory in the second half of the show regarding Dan Akroyd and The Callahan Institute, which share many paralells with the X-Men universe. Did Sean Aston film this at the same time as Lord of The Rings? Did he go from Hobbit to juice-head in a matter of weeks? Listen and find out!
Jack & Jill & We're In Hell
2021 Feb 221h 51m 16s
**DISCLAIMER** We've had some audio issues on a few episodes coming out soon, this one included. It's fine. We are not professionals.
Punch Drunk Love & Interdimensional Travel
2021 Feb 142h 18m 55s
Micah & Mackenzie take on 2002's Punch Drunk Love; a film written and directed by the great Paul Thomas Anderson. As one of Adam Sandler's more critically acclaimed films, this one seemed like an easy ride for the GOS crew, but little did they know that they would encounter extreme rage, product placement, and potential inter-dimensional travel. Is Hawaii significant in the narrative, or does Adam just like to vacation there? Are there eight or twelve plates? Does D&D mean anything? The duo tackles these hard questions and more.
Billy Madison & the Number Eight
2021 Feb 082h 54s
Micah and Mackenzie begin their journey in earnest with an extensive analysis of 1996's "Billy Madison". We pick apart jokes that don't hold up in 2021, discuss the history of Oracles, and why we keep seeing the number eight everywhere.
Grains of Sandler: An Introduction
2021 Feb 0853m 49s
Welcome to Grains of Sandler! On this premier episode, hosts Micah Cotner and Mackenzie Broadhurst lay the foundation for a ridiculous journey in to the unknown. We go over our personal experiences with the many works of Adam Sandler, and explore existing and new theories & lore related to the Adam Sandler Cinematic Universe.
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