Local Life - Ver Poets - Poetry & Prose from writers in St Albans
  • Rob Pearman
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A selection of stories, writings & poetry from local authors


Alban Virtual Street Festival 2020 Coverage- Saturday
2020 Aug 09
Extracts of Saturdays Coverage of the Alban Virtual Street Festival 2020 with regular updates and exclusive news about the events happening online.
Greg Smith and John Mole
2020 Mar 27
Two more selections of poems recorded by members of the Ver Poets group, beginning with one where the opening lines are strangely apt for these days of lock-down and empty rooms.
Poetry from US to UK
2020 Feb 28
Two Ver Poets - Robert Peake and Mary Hannah - came to the UK from the USA.  Here is a selection of their poems, several of which reflect the transition from one culture to another.
Juliet Troy and Mary Hannah
2020 Jan 09
Two more Ver Poets read a selection of their poems, specially recorded for Local Life.
13 poems for Christmas
2019 Dec 12
Some of the Ver Poets read their poems and those of other members of this renowned local group - all on the theme of Christmas.
John Mole and Brian Young
2019 Nov 21
Two more Ver Poets read some of their many poems - specially selected for Radio Verulam listeners.
Ver Poets David and Gillian
2019 Oct 04
Two more Ver Poets - David van Cauter and Gillian Knibbs - read their selection of poems to add to the increasing store of local writers' work now available on Local Life's  podcast series.
More from the Ver Poets
2019 Sep 18
Katharine Gallagher and Belize McKenzie offer a few of their poems for our pleasure and enjoyment.
Chris Delaney and Sandra Galton
2019 Aug 15
This month on Local Life, Ver Poets Chris Delaney and Sandra Galton share with us just a few of their poems, including several prize winning contributions.
Roy Batt and Simon Cockle
2019 Jul 03
Two more Ver Poets read a selection of their poems in a series looking at the work of this much-acclaimed poetry society which meets in St Albans but has a national and international membership.