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#6 Bryan Fogel - 'Money and power take precedence over human rights.'
2021 Feb 2733m 38s
Bryan Fogel is probably one of the most important filmmakers alive today. The Academy-Award winning documentary maker ventures into deeply unchartered territories where no one else dares to go. Following up on his enormous success with the 2017 documentary Icarus, here Ari Stein discusses his latest offering, an examination into the heartbreaking assassination of Saudi Arabian citizen and a well-known writer for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi.
#5 Lisa Feldman Barrett - The Irrational Human
2021 Jan 2336m 59s
You get a hunch when moving through the world, that we’re an incredibly irrational species. You only have to look around us to see that almost everything around us is made up. However, It's nice to see this irrationalty laid out in such empirical terms through Lisa Feldman Barrett's ingenious work. A rigorous explorer of the brain, she is a distinguished professor at Northeastern University, among the top one per cent most cited scientists in the world for her revolutionary research in psychology and neuroscience.
#4 Ayaan Hirsi Ali - The Dangers of Wokeism and Cancel Culture
2020 Oct 1644m 40s
Considered by some as one of the most urgent threats to democracy in the West, cancel culture and the growing radicalism behind wokeism has created a liberal vacuum. Dutch/Somalian and American intellectual Ayaan Hirsi Ali is intent on fighting back, using her fearless voice to rally against the antics of this new ideological machine. We discussed with her why this issue bares consequences for us all if left unchecked and why there is more to the Black Lives Matter movement than you think.
#3 Nina Schick - Is Seeing Still Believing?
2020 Aug 1351m 41s
We live in a time where technology has become so incredibly powerful that it can corrupt any type of media you consume including video and audio. The most sinister of these instruments, deepfakes.
# 2 Francis Fukuyama "I think he is the first truly racist President."
2018 Oct 0142m 29s
He formulated one of the great intellectual catchphrases of the 20th century, The End of History, now the legendary American political scientist Francis Fukuyama is back to the drawing board trying to explain this new global resurgence in populism and identity politics. His reasoning for this new disturbing issue? Find out in this exclusive audio interview.
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