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Episode 8: Tom Lix
2021 Feb 1929m 12s
On today’s episode, KingsCrowd CEO Chris Lustrino welcomes Tom Lix, Founder & CEO of Cleveland Whiskey as well as a pioneering user of online private markets. They discuss what Tom has found positive and challenging about raising capital from the public. How Cleveland Whiskey has grown while building extreme customer loyalty. And How Cleveland Whiskey has used investor capital to grow their business, invest in technology, and support the public curing Covid-19.
Episode 7 - Jonny Price
2021 Feb 1032m
Today's episode of the KC Startup Investing Podcast features Chris & Sean welcoming Jonny Price, Director of Fundraising at equity crowdfunding platform Wefunder to discuss Wefunder's recent successes, how fundraising platforms can empower entrepreneurs, and what the year ahead might have in store for the online private markets
Episode 6 - Andy Gordon
2021 Jan 2938m 45s
In today's episode of the KC Podcast, startup investing industry veteran and Early Investing Andy Gordon joins Sean to discuss his career as a international entrepreneur, the latest developments in the crowdfunding market, and how early stage private market investing has changed since it's beginnings in 2012.
Episode 5
2021 Jan 2222m 49s
Sean O'Reilly & Chris Lustrino discuss the origins of equity crowdfunding as America emerged from the 2009 Financial Crisis, recent changes to the startup investing market by the SEC, and what a newly minted President Biden means for the online private markets.
Episode 4 - Eric Cox
2021 Jan 1429m 28s
In this episode of KingsCrowd’s Startup Podcast, Chris and Sean welcome NetCapital Head of West Coast Operations Eric Cox. NetCapital is one of the equity crowdfunding markets leading platforms and the trio discuss recent market events and what it means that startups can now raise $5 million through a Regulation CF round per SEC guidelines.
Episode 3 - Chris Lustrino
2021 Jan 1126m 14s
In their first podcast of 2021, KingsCrowd's CEO Chris Lustrino & CMO Sean O'Reilly welcome KingsCrowd Analyst Olivia Stroble to the podcast where the they discuss all that happened with the growth of online private markets in 2020 and what early-stage investors can look forward to in 2021.
Episode 2 - Chris Lustrino
2020 Dec 2426m 14s
In this episode of KingsCrowd's Startup podcast, Chris & Sean dive into the great startup investments of all time and what they can teach today's private markets investors about how to succeed at investing in early-stage companies.
Episode 1 - Chris Lustrino
2020 Dec 1725m 32s
In the inaugural episode of KingsCrowd's Startup Podcast, KingsCrowd CEO & Founder Chris Lustrino dives into the private markets with KingsCrowd CMO Sean O'Reilly and together they explore how anyone can invest in fast-growing startups.
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