5 Years Too Late
  • 5 Years Too Late
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A group of friends that had a fun podcast idea five years ago decide to give it another try-right when everyone and their grandmother is trying podcasting at the same time. Bold choice for these young men, let's see how it works out for them.


E01- You Can't Say That
2021 Feb 141h 45m 37s
Welcome to the first episode of 5 Years Too Late!  In this episode, "You can't say that!" Zo, Logan, Matthew, and Bocker dive into older pop culture and find some examples from movies that were deemed somewhat acceptable at the time, but now would not even make it past the cutting room floor!  Our alcohol choice of the night is Hendricks Gin and we enjoy a lightning round of questions at the end of the show to see how quickly we can all think on our feet!  We hope you enjoy the silly debate between four friends who all think they are funnier than they actually are.
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