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Ep9: Animal Intuition
2021 Mar 0123m 36s
Do animals know more than we think they do?
Ep8: Our Thoughts
2021 Feb 2225m 42s
In this week’s episode we get a little deeper with y’all. We ask each other thoughtful questions. Hope you enjoy!
Ep7: The Berenstein Bears
2021 Feb 1530m 55s
We have a very interesting guest on the show this week. We talk about the Mandela Effect and much more. You can follow Maci on twitter @yagirlmaci
Ep6: The Bigfoot Experience
2021 Feb 0833m 47s
In this weeks episode we interview Jim from The Sasquatch Outpost! He recounts some very interesting stories about Bigfoot!
Ep5: Shrunken Heads
2021 Feb 0514m 17s
In this week’s episode we dive into the legends of the shrunken heads and how they were actually used for protection.
Ep4: NDEs
2021 Feb 0126m 55s
On this episode we talk Near Death Experiences!
Ep3: Beef?
2021 Jan 2526m 15s
In this week’s episode we dive into the Bigfoot legends. We talk to an actual believer and eyewitness to Bigfoot. Hope you enjoy!
EP 2: Thoughts of a Witch
2021 Jan 1959m 37s
A powerful interview of a glimpse into a witches world.
Ep1: Who are we?
2021 Jan 1238m 20s
In this first episode you get to meet your hosts Bridger and Emily!
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