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Just a couple of B*tches that love to read books and want to talk about them! We review books one week and the next we're discussing author gossip, book community drama, film/TV adaptation and anything book related.


Mini Episode 2: Kissing the Corona Virus and Booktubers
2021 Feb 2244m 27s
In this mini episode, Sheridan and Vanessa read little bits and pieces of the recently popular short story, KISSING THE CORONA VIRUS and talk about some of their favorite booktubers that they like to watch on youtube!
Episode 2: Crooked Kingdom - Book 2
2021 Feb 151h 49m 12s
In this episode, Sheridan and Vanessa go over the sequel to the Six of Crows! We talk about our favorite parts (Kaz & Inej, swooooon), the plot line, the character development and near the end there are a couple tears. Don't forget there are a bunch...
Mini Episode 1: Shadow & Bone Netflix Adaptation and Poems
2021 Feb 0842m 49s
In this episode, Sheridan and Vanessa talk about how excited they are to finally get to watch the new TV adaption of Leigh Bardugo's Shadow & Bone and Six of Crows! They also discuss how "basic" Robert Frost and his poem The Road Not Taken is.
Episode 1: Six of Crows - Book 1
2021 Feb 011h 14m 49s
This episode we go over our favorites parts of the Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. We talk about the world building, the difficulty to get through the first chapter, the trauma that Kaz Brekker went through as a child and it really shows in his actions...