Evil Ted Presents: ReRunz
  • Korey Epps & Michelle Ribar
7 episodes
Join Korey Epps & Michelle Ribar as they go on adventure exploring they shows they grew up with.


ReRunz First Halloween
2015 Oct 28
In this first special podcast we talk about TV and TV movies of Halloween that we grew up on!
ReRunz Ep 6: Clarissa Explains It All
2015 Oct 08
In this episode we try to explain it all with Clarissa Explains It All.
ReRunz Ep 5: Seinfeld
2015 Aug 05
In this episode we take a look at one of the greatest shows from the 90s - Seinfeld!
ReRunz Ep 4: The X-Files
2015 Apr 07
In this episode we talk about The X-Files! And don't forget to check out the Evil Ted Represents site where you can get you #EvilTedApproved Tee. Click here!
ReRunz Ep 3: Let's Toon Talk
2015 Mar 12
This month we talk about the cartoons we grew up on (and there were a lot) from Captain Planet to Street Sharks and more!
ReRunz Ep 2: Cheers & Frasier
2015 Feb 10
This month we talk about two of our favorite shows of all time and some TV classics - Cheers and Frasier! This month's episode is bought to you by Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance! It's not too late to help them with their IndieGoGo Campaign and get some really cool stuff! Click here to give them a hand!
ReRunz Ep 1: Boy Meets World
2015 Jan 20
In this episode, our debut episode, we talk about an old 90's favorite, Boy Meets World. We also touch a bit on the new show and spinoff Girl Meets World!
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