• Ricky, Luis, Spencer and Bryan
4 episodes
Good morning, afternoon, evening. Are you an anime fan? Welcome to Cafe Sugoi! Whether your listening on your way to work, drinking your coffee, or going on a jog, we are a the podcast for you. Pardon our dust as we start our series!


Cafe Sugoi - Episode 4 : A Moment of Silence
2021 Feb 271h 4m 35s
Welcome back to Cafe Sugoi! We’re your hosts Ricky, Luis, Spencer and Bryan. This week we talk about some major deaths, and even take a moment of silence for the garbage that is Boruto... Just kidding. We end Luis’ journey on Demon Slayer, and talk about the numbers it’s made. We delve into what is the “Big 3” of this generation. We even talk about an upcoming YouTube project! Stay tuned for more episodes coming every Friday.
Cafe Sugoi - Episode 3: My Demon Slayer Academia
2021 Feb 1054m 51s
Welcome back to Cafe Sugoi, with your four host! On today’s episode, we discuss Luis’s journey through Demon Slayer to see if he has chosen the right path. We debate a little bit on my my hero is kicking butt in sales. Then, we tackle the biggest villain of all time.... BANDAI NAMCO. Have they missed the mark with some recent anime game releases? Find out more on this episode.
Cafe Sugoi - Episode 2 : Luis’ Dark Path
2021 Feb 0947m 12s
Welcome back to Cafe Sugoi, your number one stop to listen to four friends battle each other to be center voice. This week, we tackle the unfair wages or animators, as well as Luis’ path of not reading manga. Tune in to find out more!
Cafe Sugoi - Episode 1 : Introductions? Western Animation V.S. Eastern Animation?! NANI!?!?
2021 Feb 0141m 19s
Welcome to Cafè Sugoi and thank you for listening. As we start our adventure we would love to invite anyone who loves anime to listen to the cast. With our members, we hope to deliver you a sense of friendship, as well as a place to talk about the things we love.
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