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The Get Offended Podcast, where if you get offended it's kind of your fault. Like seriously, what else did you expect?


Skool is 4 Chumps ft. Carly Poole
2021 Mar 011h 12m 45s
That's right going back to the thing we never thought we would ever see again... SCHOOL! Join in and listen as Rocky quizzes the two smartest people he knows. With 1st grade elementary school questions to High School Senior level questions, let's see who wins! Are you ready!? Lets get ready to RUUUUMBLE!
Dykes, Kinks, and Panties, OH MY!
2021 Feb 221h 3m 57s
Is it okay to hit a dyke? Did you know that itching powder is a fetish? How did panties get in Rocky's luggage? This episode is just filled with questions that have us scratching our heads. Not because of itching powder though!
Battle Of The Best Friends ft. Kristina Stange
2021 Feb 161h 10m 49s
This episode we talked about times in High School, how fiancés can throw up from smelling farts, as well as quizzing Kristina and Jakobe on who knows Skippy more for the best friend bragging rights.
Do You Spread Your Buttcheeks?
2021 Feb 081h 21s
Not going to lie, the title speaks for itself. We are going deep into butt talk on this one, pun intended. There's many questions in life... what is the correct way to wipe, what is this new president all about, why is the audio on this episode SO DAMN CHOPPY!? All your questions will probably not be answered.
A Date With Destiny
2021 Feb 0159m 3s
Of course it's natural for a girl to have a period every month, but do they deserve a pass when they might take it to far? If yes, do guys deserve a pass as well? Listen in, with our female guest "Destiny" as her and Jakobe argue over who's in the right and wrong among the topic. Among other topics such as concerts, fast food employee talk, and weird ass party stories.
Get Offended Pilot
2021 Jan 2848m 49s
The first episode of the Get Offended podcast. This is where Jakobe and I will be discussing the future of the podcast and where we plan to go with it. Some topics are talking about how gay stuff actually makes you straight, questions in order to get know us a little better, and arguing how Jakobe is a shit liar and cannot swim a mile.
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