• Pepe Toriello & Marc Doucette
4 episodes
Contract and Commercial Lifecycle is not a new term anymore. The main idea is that contracts constitute the core system of commercial record for all enterprise value-creating activity — not just legal activity. The result is a new way to conceive and orchestrate commercial best practices, combining advanced contract management and digital tools to drive enterprise-wide value creation. On each of these episodes we’ll be exploring how different parts of organizations interact with contracts and this processes to better understand what their roles are inside this processes. Our hope is that this will bring teams closer together so they can understand what happens to a document after it leaves their hands! By Pepe Toriello & Marc Doucette Pepe Toriello: www.linkedin.com/in/pepetoriello Marc Doucette: www.linkedin.com/in/mdoucette


Building a Business Case Business for Contract Management
2021 Feb 2339m 10s
Operations have changed a lot in the past year, and as such, many companies are becoming aware of the benefits that automation and contract management offer. Though the pandemic has generally been a negative experience for everyone who has been impacted by it, a couple of opportunities have arisen in light of the difficulties.
How to negotiate win-win deals with procurement professionals
2021 Feb 1531m 59s
Mike Lander is the CEO of Piscari, a London based consulting firm specialized in Procurement.
Reducing deal times by 50-80% through contract design.
2021 Feb 0837m 44s
Denis Potemkin is the CEO of Majoto where he helps businesses turn difficult frustrating contract processes from pain to gain, using design thinking... Denis has found that businesses have woken up to the need to digitise and make things work remotely. There is a renewed interest in contract automation - that is the top pick out of contract tech. Contract design is starting to emerge from niche, but still a long way to go. Most businesses are focussing on the tech, and missing all the opportunity that comes from combining tech with design. BUT, there is a growing recognition that thinking about the problem holistically, and solving things through design as well as tech, can yield huge results. Companies can reduce deal times by 50-80% through contract design.
Welcome to Contract Heroes
2021 Feb 043m 22s
We created this podcast to provide best practice recommendations by contract management thought leaders.
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