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Join Evie and Rayah in the world of calm creations. We do meditations, unexpected songs, and more!


The Importance of Friendship.
2021 Mar 035m 41s
Today we talk about how important of friendship is. And Rayah said something about a new dessert? I dunno. She's been acting weird lately...
Information About the Podcast.
2021 Feb 2548s
If you are new and want to learn about us, please listen to this and learn all about us!
Brave with a bit of Glitter
2021 Feb 254m 59s
Today we talk about being brave, learn about Rayah's knew favorite thing, glitter, and talk about a surprise.
The Effects of Covid
2021 Feb 177m 45s
Today we talk about more cookies, the effects of coronavirus in our homes, an email we got, and Cookie Time.
2021 Feb 074m 35s
Have you ever been bullied before? Well today were going to be talking about them, along with some help from Mr. Muffin! (Rayah!). Please enjoy!
2021 Feb 029m 16s
Sorry for the wait listeners! This took a while to make. In this episode we will be interviewing some close friends and family, asking how do you calm down? Please listen!
The Bank of Emotions
2021 Jan 144m 40s
Today we talk about the Bank of Emotions, a very important episode talking about emotions. Hope you guys enjoy!
Releasing Stage Fright
2021 Jan 104m 22s
Come listen with us while we talk about stage fright and letting it go, the sound of silence, and more!
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