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My intention for producing this podcast is to promote spiritual well-being and psychic awareness. The Real University is an online esoteric community and safe space for sharing sacred knowledge and wisdom. The purpose of this platform is to serve as a tool and a resource for the newly awakened or those ready for ascension to new levels and dimensions. Various life, magick and metaphysical topics are discussed with the intention to elevate the consciousness of the collective. I promise to give you the real, nothing more, nothing less. This is The Real University, welcome to the school of Life! Support this podcast:


All About Mo
2020 Sep 211h 41m 33s
In this first episode, Mo addresses personal questions from a member of her online community. The purpose of this episode is to present some background information for listeners to better understand Mo and her spiritual journey. Some topics included in this episode are: first experiences practicing the law of attraction and magick (candle & mirror magick), astral traveling, connecting with ancestors, psychic abilities, and talking to family members about being psychic. It's suggested that you listen to this podcast while perhaps making some art such as coloring, cleaning, cooking, doing your hair or some other mindful activity that will keep you engaged. If you'd like Mo to further expound upon a topic or answer a specific question, leave a comment or send a message on Twitter or IG @MoReala98. #TRUpodcast for open discussion and debates (when Mo feels like it).
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