Champions of Psychology
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Official podcast feed for Champions of Psychology, a show presented by Codename Entertainment and, starring Mitra Jordan ( and Raffael “Doctor B” Boccamazzo, PsyD (Take This, Clinical Role), and hosted by Treavor Bettis (Difficulty Class, Champions of Lore). New episodes broadcast live on Tuesday at 11AM Pacific at before being uploaded across all podcast platforms the same day.


Ep. 6: Play as a Form of Learning
2021 Feb 231h 2m 29s
Now that we know the difference between therapy and therapeutic games, what can we learn from playing them? Can we take things from these games and use them socially in real life? This week Mitra Jordan and Doctor B talk about ways play can be used for learning, not just in therapy, but at home.
Ep. 5: Therapy Vs. Therapeutic
2021 Feb 171h 50s
Can games be therapy or are they just therapeutic? How can we tell the difference? And can it be done with TTRPGs? This week Doctor B and Mitra Jordan discuss what to look for when trying to understand the difference - as well as what they personally find to be therapeutic in their own lives.
Ep. 4: Distraction Vs. Avoidance
2021 Feb 0958m 32s
What’s the difference between playing games as a distraction, versus playing them as an avoidance? How do we recognize that? And how do we pull ourselves away to get back on task? In this episode Mitra Jordan and Doctor B discuss these topics and more, as long as they don’t avoid them.
Ep. 3: Gaming and Social Interactions
2021 Feb 0258m 29s
What can gaming do for our real world social interactions? Can they help? And what's wrong with some of the myths around being social and playing games? This week Mitra Jordan and Doctor B discuss what gaming can do for our social interactions and what we can learn from them.
Ep. 2: Finding a Therapist
2021 Jan 271h 4m 42s
What are some things you can look for when seeking a therapist? How do you know when a therapist is right for you? This week Mitra and Dr. B discuss ways they have gone about this as well as answer the age old questions "how do you know you need a therapist?"
Ep. 1: Pandemic Fatigue
2021 Jan 201h 2m 8s
In this first episode of Champions of Psychology Mitra Jordan and Doctor B discuss the thing affecting all of our mental health. Pandemic Fatigue. What is it doing to us? How are we combating it? What keeps us going? They, along with host Treavor Bettis discuss these questions and more.
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