• shalony padhi
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Ncert biology is known to be the holy Bible for neet and cbse and various other competitive exams. But often people find it boring to read it. It's better when someone else reads and u listen. Not only does listening help in better remembrance but also incites interest in the students. In times of boredom, u can just play this podcast and use your time in a productive manner. Do listen.


Cell cycle and division
2021 Jan 278m 29s
Let's understand how cell grow and proliferate
Structural organization in animals
2021 Jan 2326m 18s
Let's know about our tissues!!
Locomotion and movement
2021 Jan 2023m 11s
Let's explore our ability to move.
Chemistry in everyday life
2021 Jan 2013m 13s
Let's know how chemistry effects the day to day life of every individual
Neural control and coordination
2021 Jan 1931m 36s
Let's learn about our nervous system, brain, eyes and ears
Breathing and exchange
2021 Jan 1824m 29s
Let's learn about our respiratory system and it's functioning.
2021 Jan 1841m 47s
This is the story of evolution of life forms on earth.
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