• Geraldine
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I randomly created a podcast because I started listening to podcasts. I think it’s a great way to gain more confidence within myself meanwhile expressing my emotions, opinions and well just by talking in general :) <3 . I’m a very random person so I’m pretty much gonna podcast a whole bunch of Q&A’S Conversations on topics, Story Time with Gee, and pretty much everything else that comes to my mind. Thank you for listening to Gee_talks<3 <3 <3.


Ever tried to move on from a person and they kept trying to come back??😷
2020 Feb 0821m 16s
Hey y’all! This is basically a relationship topic based episode with two main focuses.I spoke from my perspective and tried to throw some tips in :) I might not have touched base with everything because I’d be speaking for like 394849939 hours loll!! Hope you all enjoyed teehee 💗
My college experience ft advice 😅
2020 Jan 1917m 23s
Hey y’all so this is basically a gist of my college experience! I didn’t get into details and all that cause it would take me hours obvsss 😂but yeah I threw in some advice and all!
Get to know me 🦄🌻
2020 Jan 1619m 27s
This episode just includes me introducing myself and speaking about the basics things you really should know about me before starting to get into other Q&A’S or what ever other episode I make!I hope I wasn’t as boring lolll I’m just getting the hang of all thisss!! Thank you for listening!!!
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