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AB Wellness is the go-to podcast for all things wellness OUTSIDE of the gym or studio. Created by Alli Bradley, small business owner, personal trainer, and mental-health enthusiast, AB Wellness is your insight into what life looks like for a 30-year old, self-employed wellness professional, as well as the surrounding community of wellness professionals Alli interviews. We're going to normalize things like burn-out, being an adult and not "having it all together", as well as the many ways to check in with your health that doesn't have to do with stepping foot in a gym.


Ep. 3 - Introducing my Tarot Reader and Her Journey to Showing Up
2021 Feb 2238m 4s
WELCOME BACK chicken nuggets! Thank you for following along on my journey with me! In this incredibly exciting episode we go RIGHT into it with Roksana Filipowska, my beloved tarot reader and insanely inspiring friend. Ever wonder what it feels like to...
EP. 2 - Introducing Alli and the AB Wellness Podcast Pt. 2
2021 Feb 1037m 26s
Welcome back to episode 2!!!! Thanks for tuning in! In this episode we finish up the summary of Alli's journey into creating a wellness community and her "why". If you're listening in, the stories we discuss are to give you validation, comfort AND...
Trailer to AB Wellness Podcast
2021 Feb 0348s
Welcome to the podcast, AB Wellness! Listen to our trailer episode and stay tuned for future episodes to come!
Ep. 1 - Introducing Alli and the AB Wellness Podcast Pt. 1
2021 Feb 0332m 38s
Hi there! Nice to meet you. This episode is an introduction to Alli, our host, and her journey as well as to some insight into wellness and what it means for her. It's also the FIRST ever EPISODE! So we talk about what to look forward to, and what the...