• Maurice Gunnery
7 episodes
BTWN is a weekly vidcast which looks at the newest paranormal topics and Fringe News, Guests and also giveaways.


BTWN VidCast FT: Dan, Lee and MArk From SGS
2016 Oct 24
This week we had the pleasure of inviting Dan and Lee from Southern Ghost Society, and the extra special guest (who i believe is the mature one of the group) Mark. Unlike Lee, Mark does not dress up on investigation. the team are a brilliant team and are definately worth watching, if they want to […]
BTWN VidCast: The ghosts of ww2
2016 Oct 17
From japanese ghosts in bomb shelters to missing war children, this weeks podcast features some insanity and we tried to keep on topic.   Dark Arts Paranormal evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn4pIy9DBCA
Btwn Vidcast featuring the news
2016 Oct 04
In This weeks show: Moe killed kurt off on youtube. Kurt hates Moe for killing him off on youtube. Moe doesnt give a Shit. Be like Moe
BTWN VidCast FT Maria Schmidt from NGHD
2016 Sep 19
This week we got the pleasure to speak to Maria Schmidt, one of the co founders of the national ghost hunting day, this episode is not to be missed!
BTWN VidCast: the origins of the Ghost Club.
2016 Sep 12
tonights show brings us: is jack the ripper really gone dyslexic paranormal entities who seem to have been sent straight to hull. Literally staying alive. and the origins of the infamous ghost club: The Ghost club, The Ghost Club is the oldest organisation in the world associated with psychical research. It was founded in 1862 […]
BTWN Podcast:Brick and Ladder investigating
2016 Sep 05
This weeks podcast we talk about blue headed roadkill, the 14 spirits in a pub you dont want to keep you company, we try work out what an "independant" christian is? and talk brick and ladder investigations. now 99% of the groups, shows, podcasts, youtubers and blogs would tell you that brick and ladder […]
BTWN PodCast Presents: Haunted Bra’s and more
2016 Aug 24
Haunted objects: wether it be a haunted doll, or bra, haunted items are something that people look at with caution, “ one thing that seems to make the item more haunted is the Disclaimers like “positively do not touch” and “i will not be held responsible for any strange things going on” but it […]
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