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Sports columnist Tim Williams interviews people from the public golf community. Golf from the duffers' angle.


Ground Under Repair Previews The 2018 Open Championship
2018 Jul 1843m
It's a Ground Under Repair relaunch, as we join the Sports Talk Florida podcast network!  That makes it as good a time as any to explore the belief that Golf Is For Everybody.  Ground Under Repair also previews the Open Championship to be held in Carnoustie, Scotland, and a curious rumor about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson playing for ten million dollars.
Golf Clubs and Club Fitting with Pure Science Golf
2017 Nov 1627m
It's all about golf clubs on Ground Under Repair this week as Pure Science Golf's John Reynaud joins the show to talk about his business and their approach.  There are many places to get golf clubs custom fitted, but Pure Science Golf takes an extremely personalized approach that seeks to help improve the game of any golfer, from a devoted scratch player to your average once-a-week golfer.  We talk about John's methods, the benefits of custom clubs, and a few things about golf clubs that most of us never think about.
The National Club Association - On Golf, Business, and Lobbying
2017 Oct 0338m
Henry Wallmeyer of the National Club Association joins the show to talk about a lobby for private clubs.  Henry discusses his run-ins with the decision-makers of Washington, D.C., as well as the benefits to playing golf at a private club.
The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund
2017 Sep 1628m
Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund Executive Director Bob Donovan joins the show to talk about the fund, the PGA's involvement with charities and organizations like his, Ouimet's legacy, and the PGA Tour Pro-Am experience.
Ponky's Story
2017 Aug 2319m
Ponkapoag golf course is famous largely as Rick Reilly's 1988 example of a beaten up public golf course.  "Ponky" then became the inspiration for a Reilly book, and the reputation stuck with the course.  On further examination, it's far more than the Ponky of Missing Links these days, including a brush with greatness that few golfers in the Boston area would believe.
Good News from the National Golf Foundation
2017 Jul 1237m
Narratives can be powerful in sports, and they can make people believe things about those sports that aren't true.  That is a problem facing golf these days, as the perception out there is that golf is suffering.  The narrative, however, is far from reality.  The National Golf Foundation tracks these things, and their research suggests that people are picking up the game of golf more than they ever have before.  The NGF explains where the game could stand to grow, where it's already growing, and the role of the oft-discussed Millennial generation in the game's future.
Caddie Chat with Jim Bartlett and Dennis Cone
2017 May 2354m
Most golfers in 2017 do not get the experience of having a caddie.  Indeed, there are fewer clubs than ever that offer caddies.  Dennis Cone of the Professional Caddie Association wants to change that.  Citing how many young golfers have been created by summer caddie jobs (including Jack Nicklaus), Dennis believes that growing the game of golf includes making sure there are still people on the bag.
US Open Qualifying with Bill McCarthy
2017 Apr 3033m
The US Open stands out among golf tournaments.  With a low enough handicap, anyone can attempt to qualify for the US Open.  Those qualifying rounds, then, have an allure to golfers to the point that they seem like mythical grounds.
Course Design with Bruce Charlton
2017 Apr 1542m
We're all taught at some point that golf is a game between a golfer and the course they're on.  Where does that leave the person who designed the course?  This week on Ground Under Repair, I talk to Bruce Charlton of Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects about his work designing courses.
Golf Course Management with Justin Smith
2017 Apr 1238m
When the 1990s boom golf saw dried up, a lot of new golf courses were immediately put into danger.  Many of them have gone out of business, but those who have remained have established themselves as fantastic golf experiences.