Good Enough For Video Games
  • Logan Fieth
7 episodes
Good enough For Video Games is a live podcast featuring a few game developers (Logan Fieth, Alek Hiebert, Doug Zwick, and other guests) talking ’bout games. The podcast typically airs live at on Sunday at 7:30pm PST. You can find our site at You can email us questions to answer on the show at goodenoughforvideogames[at]gmail[dot]com


Episode 7: 07-13-14
2014 Aug 06
Episode 7: Today's a quick one! We're on a time limit! Guest Ian Shores joins us again to talk werewolf jail and tabletop games and movies and comics and-
Episode 6: 07-06-14
2014 Jul 14
Episode 6: In this delicious episode, Special guest Khalil "Mills" Moutrie joins us while Alek is out on assignment. We talk games we've been playing, Steam sales, food, and crowdsourced chat questions.
Episode 5: 06-27-14
2014 Jun 30
Episode 5: Special guest Ian Shores joins us to talk sound design, E3, and what we've been playing
Episode 4: 06-05-14
2014 Jun 30
Episode 4: Special guests Davis and Laura join us to talk about games, while Logan is on the road
Episode 3: 05-29-14
2014 Jun 30
Episode 3: Despite technical issues halfway through the podcast, we talk about games while creepy iPad David stares at the audience
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.