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This podcast is where politics, religions, and business intersects. I created this content to help entrepreneurs learn how to launch a business. Each episode is opportunity to follow my path as I launch my own life coaching business, Business Eye during COVID 19 pandemic. Throughout the content I will also talk about how I view challenges in the world. I explain where major problems have come from in our society drawing from my experiences in the business world over the last 20 years. I give opinions on what we can do to unify our society at this critical time in history. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/awty21/support


Politics as Usual
2021 Mar 0236m 45s
In this episode I talk about the recent attack on Syria and the Democrats not allowing immigrants from Central America to come in to the US because of a law that was passed by the precious administration.
Last Day of the Month
2021 Mar 0128m 9s
In this episode I discuss the progress I’ve made and the direction of the company.
Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy
2021 Feb 2835m 6s
In this episode I discuss coming to grips to reality when you can’t gain validation from others around you. I discuss making fans out of my enemies and how it’s hard to know if some one really like you, but you know when they hate you.
Business Eye Promotion
2021 Feb 278m 35s
In this episode I discuss achieving the goal of launching a Business Eye promotion and dedicating proceeds to those in need of fresh drinking water. I also discuss the clarity of a few questions I had regarding completing my Cellular Plan and becoming a dedicated and active Raelian.
All In
2021 Feb 2636m 15s
In this 3rd chapter I discuss a day in the life for me, Joe Wilkins, and continue to set the stage for proving the existence of our creators and the intelligence that has designed us. Pocket Aces and 2 aces come on the flop in the round of Texas Hold em’
The End
2021 Feb 259m 39s
In this chapter of my book I write the ending when I wanted to vs when you would assume it would come.
The Man Who Sold The World
2021 Feb 2558m 50s
This is Chapter 1 of my book. I’m writing my book that proves the existence of our creators, the Elohim.
2021 Feb 2423m 44s
In the episode I talk about the importance of building a life that is sustainable. This is one of my favorite podcasts personally :)
My Elevator Pitch
2021 Feb 2212m 36s
In this episode I talk about creating my pitch and explaining what it is that I do. I needed to do this in order to launch my website successfully. No More Excuses!
I’m a Raelian !
2021 Feb 2015m 28s
This is a spiritual podcast where I talk about my beliefs and where and why I believe what I believe. I also talk about a recent feud with my youngest sister. And I invite my oldest nephew on as a co-host