• Jacob Tribble
5 episodes
Independent filmmaker talker and brother of five Jacob Tribble leads his own podcast solo and talks about his life in the past and everything else that's less important Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jacob-tribble/support


Crime Time
2021 Feb 0127m
Jacob talks about true crimes that were committed in the 1990's but have a hard time sounding words out
Story Time
2021 Jan 2510m 42s
Jacob Tells a mixture of true and fiction stories about his life about the past and present. There's good times and there's bad times but it doesn't mean that life is over
Talking time
2021 Jan 195m 35s
Talking is a good thing to do when you're
Fixing time
2021 Jan 1122m 6s
Jacob talks about when he fixed things where he fixed things what he fixed and how he fix things. I've fixed a lot of things in my life but small things like toilets and TV'S.
It's Time (Trailer)
2021 Jan 1059s
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