• GEEKED UP! Podcast
4 episodes
Join best friends V and Mack as they chat about everything from pop culture to their embarrassing moments and more, all while navigating the waters of college life.


Episode Three - Time Capsule & Trilogies
2021 Feb 2445m 21s
V & Mack introduce a new segment on this week's episode of GEEKED UP! Here's a hint: you'll need your music library :)
Episode Two - Bowl Wars & Bit Biting
2021 Feb 1646m 38s
What do ceramic bowls, TikTok, and Harry Styles have in common? They're all topics of discussion in this week's episode of GEEKED UP! with V and Mack.
Episode One - BFF Tag & Celebrity Encounters
2021 Feb 0938m 3s
On the pilot episode of GEEKED UP!, get to know co-hosts V & Mack as they talk about their favorite songs and celebrities, the origin of the podcast name, and more!
GEEKED UP! – Trailer
2021 Feb 0742s
Welcome to GEEKED UP! Here's a quick glimpse into our upcoming journey. Take a listen to see what we're all about.
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