Training Wheels
  • Jin & Amber Paik
4 episodes
Join Jin and Amber as they discuss real-life parenting scenarios and how they navigate them with their 4 fun-loving, homeschooled, energetic, sometimes crazy children!


Me Time, Our Time, Their Time
2021 Feb 2426m 59s
Making the most of the time you have - quantity vs quality
Bribes and Rewards
2021 Feb 1737m 16s
What kind of behavior are you rewarding?  Have your rewards for good behavior turned into bribes to control bad behavior?
Kids and Media Part 2
2021 Feb 1030m 54s
Phones and tablets can be great tools for kids, but how do you monitor the content?  We'll share with you what we have done in our house and how we filter what our kids do with their devices.
Kids and Media Part 1
2021 Feb 0329m 37s
Not sure what to do about your kids and the things they watch?  Maybe your tv has become a full-time babysitter.  We are talking about striking a balance between what content is appropriate and how much time in invested into the things kids watch on tv...