The Traveling Entrepreneur
  • Nicole Hunt
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Welcome to The Traveling Entrepreneur - where I have candid chats with remote entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-up creators about their lives. We talk about the ins and out of launching and managing a business, the systems and tools we need to stay remote, adventures while working for ourselves, travel stories, and things that inspire us. Whether you currently work for yourself or dream of someday launching your own business, this one's for you! Follow the podcast on Instagram @travelingentrepreneurpod.


Jennifer Schlueter
2021 Mar 0222m 17s
Jennifer Schlueter quit her job as the Managing Editor of 22 newspapers after her first hypnosis session to travel the world while working online. Because hypnosis had helped her fix the relationship with her mother, find out why she was dating f*ck boys, and transform her money mindset, she wanted to become a hypnotherapist herself.
Launching a Social Enterprise in Uganda (Kendra Toole)
2021 Feb 1643m 25s
Kendra is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BaMatooke Made, a social enterprise in Uganda. BaMatooke Made provides short-term employment, entrepreneurship training, and business startup capital to women and youth living under the poverty line in Uganda.
Setting Impossible Goals (Sarah Arnold-Hall)
2021 Feb 0934m 20s
Sarah Arnold-Hall is a High-Performance Coach who helps people achieve impossible goals.
The Systems You Need to Succeed (Samantha Pena)
2021 Feb 0930m 55s
Structure to Success founder Samantha Pena has been called a systems wizard - and rightly so.
Budget Travel Hacks (Campbell Hawk)
2021 Feb 0944m 28s
A craft beer connoisseur and avid dog lover, Campbell Hawk is on a mission to drink incredible craft beers and pet cute dogs in all corners of the world. Previously a founding team member of Scott's Cheap Flights and having been to 30 countries on a shoestring budget, Campbell is a budget travel expert and enthusiast. She's a hostel-loving, billiards-playing, marketing wiz that just won't sit still.
Welcome to The Traveling Entrepreneur podcast!
2020 Dec 273m 52s
Welcome to The Traveling Entrepreneur - the podcast where we discuss entrepreneurship, traveling, and all the moving parts that make the two possible.
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