Remotes Without Batteries
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The podcast of an aspiring voice actor, a struggling artist and a baseball connoisseur talk about animated movies, shows and games. From the classics to the forgotten. The good to the bad and from the new to the old. Brendan, Ethan and Madeleine will talk about it all. Support this podcast:


Chattin with the trio
2021 Feb 2559m 36s
The trio talk about strange dreams that they've had and go into to depth on movies and songs that make them feel certain emotions.
Isle of Dogs
2021 Feb 231h 5m 12s
The trio hit another Wes Anderson claymation animation film that takes place dystopian Japan where dogs are outlawed. No animals were harmed in the making of this episode
Fantastic mr. Fox
2021 Feb 1058m 37s
The trio talks about the Wes Anderson classic stop-motion animation film adaptation of the Roald Dahl book.
Pixar steals our SOUL.
2021 Feb 031h 1m 13s
The trio talks about Pixar's new animated film and have a debate on if it really was all it was cracked up to be
2020 review part 2
2021 Jan 1459m 41s
The second part of the 2020 TV show and movie review the trio goes over
2020 review part 1
2021 Jan 061h 1m 22s
The trio goes over some of the movies and TV shows that came out in the unfortunate year of 2020 and if they are worth checking out.
The American Krampus (The Grinch)
2020 Dec 2659m 25s
The trio talk about one of the most famous and well-known Christmas mascots there ever was. The green furry goober himself the Grinch.
Rankin and Bass (Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer)
2020 Dec 151h 1m 1s
The trio goes over one of the most famous Christmas movies of all time and makes a fantasy cast for the modern remake of it
Shipping and toxicity
2020 Dec 081h 5m 23s
The trio discusses how shipping can be damaging to shows and to their communities.
2020 Dec 0356m 51s
The 3 discuss one of the most creepy and popular stop motion animated films of all time.