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Tune in as Gabriel, Bailey, and Fredy talk about this, that, and whatever else pops into their heads. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dude-podcast9/support


Bermuda Triangle, Guns, and Homeland Security.
2021 Mar 0144m 14s
In this episode Bailey returns back from being lost at sea, having loaded guns, and Gabriel learning how to fly with Homeland Security.
KaReNs, WITCHES, and Savage Beatings.
2021 Feb 1545m 33s
While Bailey is lost at sea, Gabriel and Fredy talk about their experience with anti-maskers, what they used to do for fun as kids, and their interesting Senior year experiences in High School.
Dude, you have 10 days to live đŸ˜³
2021 Feb 0712m 19s
On our first podcast we discuss how we'd feel if we only had 10 days left to live, cringy childhood moments, and dinosaurs.
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