Sober Yoga Girl
  • Alex McRobert
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Alex McRobs, known as Sober Yoga Girl, is a former party girl turned international yoga teacher and sober lifestyle coach.⁣⁣Originally from Canada, Alex has been living in Abu Dhabi for six years. She left the partying scene in 2019 and now helps others do the same, using meditation, mindfulness, yoga tools and coaching.⁣⁣In this podcast Alex will offer weekly episodes with insight into her life and journey, including stories, strategies, and sometimes with special guests. Dive into topics such as triggers around alcohol, yoga philosophy, speaking to family and friends and mental health. ⁣⁣You’re not alone - and in being her open, authentic self, Alex helps others find and feel that. For more information about Sober Girls Yoga, and Alex’s coaching, meditations and yoga classes, join her on


Sober Yoga Dad with Matt Ellis
2021 Feb 1844m 16s
Matt Ellis is one of Alex's yoga students and sober coaching clients. Prior to quitting alcohol he'd never practiced yoga before - but after going alcohol free ended up making the huge lifestyle change. As of February 2021, at the time of the interview,...
The UAE Sober Revolution with Erika Doyle
2021 Feb 1837m 22s
Meet Erika Doyle, the founder of the Drink Dry Store in the UAE. Erika came to the UAE as a nondrinker and immediately noticed the lack of alcohol free options here. This inspired her to found Drink Dry Store, the first ever premium Alcohol-Free...
My Role Model - Uncle Rick
2021 Feb 1833m 35s
Alex is super excited to introduce to you her role model, her Uncle Rick, who was one of the first people she watched go alcohol free. In this episode Uncle Rick will talk through his story, what led him to give up alcohol, and the ginormous health...
My story and my journey
2021 Feb 1823m 21s
In this first episode of Sober Yoga Girl, Alex gets intimate and personal, sharing her story of how she became a party girl at a young age, eventually quit drinking entirely, and founded her own business, The Mindful Life Practice. Alex tells the story...
Sober Yoga Girl Podcast with Alex McRobs
2021 Feb 081m 27s
I'm Alex McRobs, International Yoga Teacher and Certfied Life Coach specializing in sobriety. I am so excited to invite you to join me on my brand new podcast. I was a party girl for years and years. I finally broke up with booze in 2019 and I was terrified my life would be over. It was actually the beginning of the best and most beautiful chapter of my life. In this podcast we’re going to explore all the tools, tips, strategies and lessons I learned along the way, sprinkled in with some special guests, yoga talk, mindfulness and mocktails. Subscribe via iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts and get new episodes every Friday, starting February 12th.