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The Liv Balanced Podcast exists to celebrate beauty and seek balance in all things by engaging in candid discussions about life's challenges. Hosted by Liv Ash, a well-being teacher turned attorney-by-day, artist-by-night, Liv Balanced seeks to educate and inspire. During an episode, you may laugh, cry, or guffaw! Most importantly, by the end of an episode, you'll breathe a bit easier knowing you're not alone, and that positives may be salvaged from each day. To learn more about Liv and living balanced, visit Liv's website: http://www.livbalanced.net. Liv Balanced. Breathe You.


Welcome to Liv Balanced - Authenticity
2021 Feb 0858m 14s
For the inaugural Liv Balanced Podcast, Liv chats with Stefanie Garcia about authenticity and "owning your identity." Stefanie is creator and host of The Art of Becoming Podcast; "finding your identity" is one thing, learning to embrace it is another. In this hour-long podcast, Liv and Stefanie discuss the naming of Liv Balanced, what it means to be authentic with yourself and in your relationships, and review simple actions for learning to love the unique combination of strengths that is you.
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