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The Sustainable Pixel Podcast is a space for thoughtful conversations about sustainability-related topics and critical examinations of the world we live in.


Ep. 2 - Intro to Decluttering
2021 Feb 2836m 10s
In this episode, my friend Rachael joins me again to talk about decluttering. Made popular initially from her book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up", we talk a lot about Marie Kondo's decluttering method which she calls the KonMari method. Decluttering may be focused on decluttering your things but it can apply to more than just physical objects. Listen to the episode to hear what that entails.
Ep. 1 - How COVID Has Affected Us
2021 Feb 2836m 14s
In this first episode, my friend Rachael and I have a casual conversation about COVID-19 and how it's affected our lives in the past year. We talk about how we've had more time to think and reflect on our personal walks with God, our mental health, and a few other things.
The Sustainable Pixel Podcast Trailer
2021 Jan 281m 59s
A quick intro to what to expect with The Sustainable Pixel Podcast.
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