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  • Mary-Victoria Imasuen
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The FintechX Podcast is the podcast where we talk about the Fintech experience and your experience with fintech. Every week we'll bring you new episodes where you'll know the latest updates on what's happening in the Fintech industry, reviews of Fintech products and what the consumers face daily.


A Quick Review of Chaka (My First Impression)
2020 Sep 0214m 48s
If you've listened to Episode 7 where I list out apps you can use to invest in foreign stocks, then you've heard me mention Chaka. (Check out Episode 7, if you've not listened to it yet: In this episode I share my first impression of Chaka.
Should You Buy Foreign Stocks From Fintech Platforms that Provide Brokerage Services?
2020 May 0415m 30s
Maybe you've been planning to buy foreign stock but it seems like the coronavirus pandemic has spoilt all your plans...or has it? In this episode I talk about whether now is a good time to invest in stock and which Fintech platforms make it easy to invest right from the comfort of you home.
A Quick Tour of Saving and Investing with PiggyVest + Review from New & Long-Time PiggyVest Users
2020 Apr 1922m 55s
PiggyVest is a popular savings app in Nigeria. In this episode I show you around the app. You'll also get to hear my review of PiggyVest as a new user. My friend Anosi Olumekor will also share her experience with PiggyVest. She has been using the app for 2 years. By giving you both perspectives of a new user and a long-time user, you'll get to see how PiggyVest could fit in your kind of lifestyle.
How to Get Your Personal Finance in Order with Fintech (Part 2)
2020 Apr 1111m 17s
In this episode I share with you what you need to know about investment aspect of personal finance
How to Get Your Personal Finance in Order with Fintech (Part 1)
2020 Apr 0511m 2s
A bit confused as to your finances right now? In this episode I share with you what you need to know about personal finance.
Fintech vs. Banks: Who’s Doing It Better During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
2020 Mar 279m 22s
With all that's happening in the world right now, I felt that it would be interesting to compare Fintechs and Traditional Banks and see how they're holding up during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria. Both have been doing what they can to protect their staff and customers from infection, but who do you think did it better?
Is It Possible to Live the Cashless Lifestyle in Nigeria?
2020 Mar 208m 36s
I've been living the cashless lifestyle in Nigeria for a couple of years. Financial technology has greatly advanced in Nigeria but it's not as widespread as it's meant to be.
Welcome to the Fintech Revolution - Are Banks Going Extinct?
2020 Mar 135m 33s
The Fintech industry is bubbling and Fintechs are starting to look like a major threat to traditional banks. Will traditional banks go extinct? Maybe... maybe not.
Introductory Episode
2020 Mar 1353s
Welcome to the FintechX Podcast!
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