• Janet Atieno
16 episodes
This is a fresh platform where you can find nowhere else. I would love to educate you on entertainment and loving perspectives of this world.


Fool in love
2020 Aug 052m 38s
Love conquers all
Rongo bongo
2020 Aug 0510s
This is what love feels like
Be ready, it ain’t hit you yet
2020 Jul 245m 42s
This ones for those that ain’t got it yet
Gangsta to the core
2020 Jul 073m 10s
Ati boss lady
It’s about boink toink
2020 Jul 072m 45s
This a little sum to show those ladies that think that dancing brings them fame. Cover up!
No banana
2020 Jun 3043s
Go together to beat that weather
Skip your bottom!!!🤜🏾🤛🏾
2020 Jun 301m 49s
Hey hun
Tiresome moments
2020 Apr 0930s
I didn’t know it would go a long way
2020 Mar 261m 11s
Take care
Short and sweet
2020 Mar 121m 13s
Nothing out of the extraordinary