Kutelopes of the Wild
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18 episodes
This is the home of Kutelopes of the Wild, a podcast all about Kutelopes.


S2E8: The Fallen City
2021 Jan 145m 54s
A deep dive into the secrets of the Fallen City and other Kutelope groups.
S2E7: Insert Clever Title Here
2020 Oct 118m 8s
An explanation of the tribes. What tribe would you belong in?
Kutelopes and the Hollow Hallows
2020 Aug 097m 7s
Rainforest Kutelopes live in hollow ficus trees.
S2E5: I'll Never Bear My Crown, Part 2
2020 Jul 248m 33s
Forest Glade shares how heavy lies the head that bears the crown.
S2E4: Food.The Spice of Life
2020 Jun 238m 48s
What do Kutelopes eat? Why did they stop being omnivores? Is a seasoner the same as a cook? All this and more, on Episode 4.
S2E3: EV vs EVV
2020 May 273m 46s
Today: The Ballad of EV vs. EVV.
S2E2: I'll Never Bear My Crown(pt 1)
2020 May 118m 5s
An interview with Forest Glade, reluctant king of the Kutelopes.
S2E1: Welcome to the Jungle
2020 Apr 304m 50s
Kutelopes visit the rainforest and see evidence of their distant relatives.
S1E10: Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Soggy Dogs of War
2020 Jan 139m 9s
Did you know that 30% of Kutelopes have amnesia? Also, dogs, and cantaloupes with wings.
S1E9: Fantastic Moas and Where to Find Them
2020 Jan 077m 19s
In this episode, we learn all about Moas, which are sort of like a cat and sort of like a chinchilla and sort of like a hedgehog...and are a bit like pets and a bit like colleagues.