Natural Mindset D'Sire (Poetic Truth)
  • Nikki Serenity
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What's up everybody! Welcome to the world of positive, self motivating poetry! This podcast is for listeners who just want to be their own natural selves at some part of the day without asking for permission to do so; whether it be outside, at work, at school, at home whereever! If you want to sitback and enjoy never before heard remedies about all aspects of naturality then find the most comfortable place to be in for this mindset as I supply a world of comfort for internal mental growth. My only disclaimer is that I keep it 100% at all times so please be advised (All episodes will be PG) Support this podcast:


Bonus Track
2020 Dec 163m 3s
Look Bak at it (Remix) - A boogie wit da hoodie
Lost Love One (Poetry)
2020 Dec 166m 18s
Black Friday Release: Hi Everyone!!! Lost Love One is a Requested Topic. Today is Black Friday and I wanted to release an extra episode this week by giving (2) requested topics back to back. May it help pass through any healing process. It's a long journey bless it wisely! Be safe! My Condolences to all!! Always, keep your head up Email:
Love & Hate (Poetry)
2019 Nov 254m 42s
Welcome back everyone! I know I'm always excited, but today takes the Tiara. I'm reciting my very 1st requested topic!!! Oh yes! If you would like to hear a poem about anything that is rarely discussed and has somehow misled the minds of masses please feel free to email me and I'll transcend it into poetry. I truly enjoy being able to bring hidden thoughts to life. I want to involve everyone so please do not be shy. No topic will be belittled. If it means something to you most likely it means something to me and many others. I do not reveal where these topics come from nor the person whom requested it. I'm extremely big on privacy! I do have a few coming up ahead, but I'm building a list on top of my own so please feel free to email me and within a few weeks it will be released. I will need time to something together. I read all of my emails! You can send it to Email : How it works: you will send me the topic, which will be the title, and a short description of what it means to you with (2) or more sentences and I will finish the rest. Involving my audience is the key to my podcast so go ahead and express yourself freely. And as always, thank you for listening and enjoy the episode.
A Black Man 😘💞💕💓 (Poetry)
2019 Nov 056m 36s
Hello Black Man, this is my way of saying thank you for your existence. If no one told you how important you are let this be the reminder that you're more important than any person can ever tell you. Don't allow society to disable you. You are definitely needed and very much valued more than life itself. Thank you for listening! Email:
Womanhood (Poetry)
2019 Oct 286m 15s
Just as men say "Do not strip me of my manhood" I say the same "Do not strip me of my womanhood". I pray my words are taken with grace and understanding. Keep your head up! Yours Truly, Natural Born Woman. Email:
Weights & Heights (Poetry)
2019 Oct 184m 35s
Never let anyone or anything dictate or persuade your self image. As always, keep your head up. Email:
Natural Hair (Poetry)
2019 Oct 1113m 34s
Keep your head up at all times!!! Thank you for listening and if you have a topic you would like for me to discuss please email me Thank you for all the feedback and please don't forget to share this video. I'm all about building confidence, not taking away from it. Email:
Intro (Poetry)
2019 Sep 303m 7s
This intro is to welcome all of you to my new podcast and what's expected of it. I will be talking on some very interesting subjects and many of the topics will come from the audience. If you want to have a topic heard here on my podcast please email me IG: Naturalmindsetdsire FB: Nikki Serenity Gibbs-Rampersant thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy my very unique way of getting a message across to the people. The first episode will be very exciting so make sure you tune in next week & every week thereafter. Thank you! - Nikki Serenity
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