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Welcome to Spill the D! This is not your typical family Disney podcast. Join Sabrina and Gina as they talk all things Disney from the view of two twenty-something year olds!


Ep. 5: GAME SHOW! Who said it?
2021 Feb 2547m 4s
Think you could place the Disney movie quote with the correct character who spoke it? Play along at home as Sab and Gina are joined by some special guests for this round of "Who said it?"! Before the game begins Sab and Gina delve into the Disney Parks and Resorts news and of course give their weekly tip/trick/fun fact. Listen this week for a fire tip to give you a perfect view!
Ep. 4: Left or Right?
2021 Feb 1845m 17s
Join Sabrina and Gina as they talk about something most people just do mindlessly without even realizing! Listen for tips on tricks to get the best experience on some of the fan favorite Disney World rides. Also, hear an update on all things Disney news, including an increase in park ticket prices and a hilarious new magic band warning, followed by a tip that will take your breath away. Enjoy!
Ep. 3: GAME SHOW! Where in the Disney World am I?: Restaurant Edition
2021 Feb 1143m 41s
Sabrina and Gina are joined by a special guest for Game Show day! Play along as they play "Where in the Disney World am I?: Restaurant Edition." They also touch on some exciting Disney news for the week and give you a delicious Disney Dining hack! Enjoy! Ps: Don’t forget to listen for the special code word for the give away this week! DM the word on Instagram when you hear it.
Episode 2: Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions
2021 Feb 0447m 17s
Sabrina and Gina rank their top 5 Magic Kingdom attractions and talk Disney news for the week! Stay until the end to hear a real stinker of a Disney World tip!
Episode 1: Meet the D spillers
2021 Jan 2821m 40s
Welcome to the first episode of Spill the D. On this episode Sabrina and Gina tell you all about themselves and how they met and gained their Disney knowledge. We hope you enjoy!
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