• Poetic Justice
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An Introduction to my channel. Give a listen and provide any comments and feedback you may have.


Interview with Alan Ceelabb
2021 Feb 1513m
Alan Ceelabb sells all things CBD related. Everything from coffee to oils to drops! Ceelabb.com
2021 Feb 142m 33s
Innocent girl meets desperate guy online, what could go wrong?
Purple Velvet Limelight - A short story for relaxation and reflection.
2021 Feb 133m 45s
Connecting with a lost pet or family member x
Guests Laura&Alan Ceelabb Monday 15th February 2021 7:30pm
2021 Feb 121m 10s
Laura and Alan, owners of Ceelabb, which is a company based in Dublin, will be giving me some information on their company, what they do and where they're going. Cannabis oil & CBD products.
The absolute STATE of Ireland right now!
2021 Feb 1017m 49s
Talking about lockdowns, how they've affected all of us. Also some anxiety and panic tips and tricks to dull those intense feelings!
Ep#1 Introduction - Just a quick run down of what I plan on doing (Mainly Stories)
2021 Feb 093m 6s
* Episodes will be a mixture of sleep stories, horror stories and stories to make you think. I will have written nearly all them myself. Every so often I might talk about what's happening in Ireland. Also, lastly, I'll upload me playing relaxing acoustic guitar.
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