Divorce Behavior: for Men
  • Adrian Clark
22 episodes
Author of Divorce Behavior: for Men, Adrian Clark provides a very concise, yet informative follow-up of his book by addressing topics that most divorced men keep in their private thoughts. Spoken by a man, for men, this collection of essays encourages listeners to go against the grain of current-day societal constructs. Most importantly, this podcast is to help men heal from divorce.


Co-Parenting is A Bitch
2021 Mar 024m 15s
The title says it all...
I Want a GF, but I Do NOT Want to Marry, Again...
2021 Mar 023m 28s
If you have found a new love but you are scared to move forward, listen to this episode.
I Don't Want to Cheat, Again...
2021 Mar 024m 41s
In this episode, Clark provides pointers to men who were caught cheating in their marriages.
I Like This New Girl but, I'm Scared...
2021 Mar 023m 8s
Clark discusses timidness when it comes time to move on to someone new.
The Dating Game has Changed
2021 Mar 023m 17s
Season 4 covers THE GAME which includes the dating scene, hesitation to be with someone else and co-parenting.
My Ex Slanders My Name
2021 Feb 182m 45s
What is your Ex saying about you? What are you saying about your Ex?
My Ex-Wife is Involved with a Friend/Associate
2021 Feb 183m 37s
What to do when/if your ex-wife is involved with a friend, or associate of yours...?
Grudge Towards My Ex-Wife
2021 Feb 183m 30s
Clark discusses the topic of having a grudge against your ex-wife long after the divorce is over with.
My Ex Still F**ks Me, but...
2021 Feb 182m 48s
In this episode, Clark addresses the topic of continued sex with your ex but refuses to be with you.
I Want My Ex Back
2021 Feb 183m 17s
In season 3, Clark discusses the EX Games, and how withdrawals, grudges and disrespect will play a factor.