Any One Thing
  • Siane
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What's on our minds? We all have different opinions and thoughts about everything. Each episode I will have a chat with someone new, where we will discuss, agree or disagree about the subject at hand. Things could get interesting.


It's not the same as Karate!
2021 Feb 2819m 1s
I am finally joined by my brother!! We get to chat about the physical fitness side of health, and what my brother enjoys to keep fit, which is Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I ask a few question, in my very tired state, and contribute as much as I can! I honestly don't know how he does this sport, I'm pretty sure I would get injured every time I do it!
The struggle is real!
2021 Feb 1426m 44s
Being healthy and disciplined isn't as easy for some as it is for others. My cousin, Claire, and I discuss the struggles and reality of how hard it can actually be. Chatting about what we have gone through, and what we have to deal with when it comes to trying to be healthy.
We are what we eat and drink
2021 Feb 0741m 55s
Health and discipline is the topic of discussion this month, but specifically today I am chatting with my Uncle France about his opinions when it comes to discipline, gluten free and sugar free lifestyle. How easy is it?
A Conversation With Jacob Young
2021 Jan 3148m 35s
It was really BOLD of me to ask this BEAUTIFUL man to be on my Podcast, but I did and he said yes!! I have a chat with Emmy Award winning actor, Jacob Young. I was nervous, overwhelmed, all the things I wanted to say or ask just left my mind, so this is how it turned out, and Im ecstatic about it! I really hope at some point we could have another chat (a girl can dream!!) Enjoy!!
A modern day friendship
2021 Jan 3026m 45s
My new friend Chris!! We "met" over Tiktok, but have never met! We chat about our unique friendship, and how we connected. We also talk about what it's like having a friend of the opposite sex, and how people judge it. A really fun chat, with an awesome guy! Head over to my Instagram Page @anyonethingpodcast, tell me about your friendships!
My Claire, my cousin!
2021 Jan 2421m 8s
The cousins!!! So we all have cousins, and I'm pretty close with all of them. My Claire is the cousin who I go to for advice, a chat, a catch up, pretty much anything. So today we are talking about our relationship, and what it means to us, and why we are particularly close and get along so well, and as usual we started reminiscing about our childhood!
Syster Okurrr!
2021 Jan 1723m 28s
The relationship dynamic between sisters, is something special. The bond we have is like no other, sharing memories and chatting about what being sisters means to us and wondering what is in store for our kids.
Marriage, its no walk in the park!
2021 Jan 1022m 19s
I have my husband, Adrian, joining me today to talk about marriage. What should be discussed before marriage, what to expect during marriage and how our marriage has been. We are not perfect, and not offering advice, just chatting about our marriage specifically.
Mother's and Daughters
2021 Jan 0319m 22s
We are starting with a series called "Relationship Dynamics". Today is the mother daughter relationship, which I have my mother joining me to discuss our relationship, and the differences between her relationship with me, my sister and her mother. Reminiscing on old times, and how being a mother to a daughter has its challenges.
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