Upgrade Your Light
  • Kadeem One
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Inspiration, holistic wellness & spirituality unite in this podcast led by Kadeem One. Listen in to find out how you can #LiveYourBestLife through various tools, techniques and sometimes over the top banter! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kadeem-one/support


"No" Is Your Superpower
2021 Feb 2219m 26s
Are you using those two magic letters, "n-o" to create magic in your life? "No" when used properly can change your life for the better. Listen in to this podcast to understand why. It will be your new superpower!
Earth Is Ghetto!
2021 Feb 1529m 33s
In this episode we talk about how earth is ghetto and how people add to its ghetto-ness. Some topics covered are emotional toxicity, the difference between being reactive vs responsive, knowing when it is time to let someone in life go vs working through issues and many more. After I listened back to this podcast I even grunted to myself a few times with delight. This is definitely a good one and surely uplifting for your soul. Enjoy!
Psychic Predictions Of The World From 2021-2024
2021 Feb 0927m 43s
So this podcast episode is not for the faint of heart! I explain in great details what’s to come in the next few years based off of my intuition and psychic abilities. There will be lots to prepare for and lots to overcome. Despite what is said, take what I say with a grain of salt as things are always subject to change. But if the world keeps going down the trajectory it is going, the things mentioned in this podcast will most likely happen. This podcast episode is here not scare you, but to help you prepare yourself for the road ahead. If someone told you all the "bad" things that were going to happen to you before it happened, wouldn't you want to know what they were and how to brace for them or how to avoid them. This is my intent for this episode. This is here to help you brace yourself and suit yourself up with the necessary armor for the road ahead.  If you need to process this episode and need therapeutic support after listening to this, please reach out.
Let There Be Light!
2021 Feb 0122m 5s
Welcome to the most amazing-est podcast ever, Upgrade Your Light! Thanks for joining me here for the first episode.
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