It's All Connected
  • Adam Nigh
6 episodes
Adam Nigh, a theologian, teacher and musician, talks about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and other nerd-culture staples, discussing how all of it connects to life, faith, scripture, and theology. Support this podcast:


Ep 6: What Is Grief If Not Love Persevering?
2021 Mar 0130m 28s
Adam talks about that incredible line in WandaVision episode 8, "What is grief if not love persevering?", drawing in themes from Iron Man, Plato, and the gospel.
Ep 5: Thor and Heroism
2021 Feb 2015m 11s
Adam talks about the shocking difference between Thor as we find him when Rocket and Hulk catch up with him in New Asgard in Avengers: Endgame, where he is lazy, overweight, and depressed, and how we had seen him in all the Thor and Avengers movies before that. He discusses how this shocking difference reflects something of the shocking things the Bible has to say about what humanity is.
Ep 4: Thor and Identity
2021 Feb 1929m 28s
This week Adam talks about Thor's journey of self-discovery, especially between Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, and how that relates to how Christian theology might set us on a peculiar kind of path toward understanding our identity.
Ep 3: WandaVision, Fake News, and Justice
2021 Feb 1636m 34s
Adam discusses how WandaVision adds to our current cultural conversations about false narratives, the American dream, and justice. He gets into how our construction of a pleasant present by repressing horrific memories is countered by the Christian disciplines of scripture reading and confession. And beyond talking about how WandaVision ties into all that, he also throws in the Matrix, the Truman Show, Loki, the MCU Spider-Man movies, and the excellent Christopher Nolan feature debut, Memento!
Ep 2: Doctor Strange and the Trinity
2021 Feb 1329m 12s
In this episode, Adam uses Doctor Strange, as well as other fantasy type movies/stories like Harry Potter, the Hobbit, Star Wars, a few other MCU movies, to explain why the doctrine of the Trinity matters for Christian life and faith.
Ep 1: Connecting It All
2021 Feb 1222m 4s
Adam introduces himself and the show, talking about how watching and discussing things like the Marvel Cinematic Universe help us become better readers of scripture.
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