The 3 Shots Podcast with Gabe, Matt, & Sydney
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Grab your shots glasses and come have a drink with the 3 Shots Podcast. 3 Friends having drinks over real conversation. Relax and enjoy!


"One Fish, Two Fish, Cut the Bullsh*t"
2021 Mar 041h 38m 30s
Episode 08 - Grab your shot glasses! This week during "Sydney's Spill," the crew discusses Cedric the Entertainer saying Bill Cosby should still be celebrated, Texas ends mask mandate, Dr. Seuss being cancelled, is parenting getting better or worse? During "Rose and Relationships," how do you feel about your friends coming to you about how you treat your significant other? Message in the Bottle, The Last Call and much more. Thank you for listening.
“Until Restitution, Fu*k Your Constitution”
2021 Feb 251h 21m 45s
Episode 07 - Welcome back! This week, the crew is back with "Sydney’s Spill." They welcome home Bobby Shumurda. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is discussed during "Happy Hour." The crew reaches on the Top Shelf to discuss the Netflix series ‘Amend’. "Rosè & Relationships" gets heated while they discuss Russell Wilson loving his wife out loud. Message in the Bottle, the Last Shot, and much more. Thank you for listening.
“R&B and Plan B” (Feat. Chief Griffey)
2021 Feb 181h 36m
Episode 06 - Shots..Shots! Welcome back to the show! This week the crew discuss the movie “Judas and the Black Messiah”. On Sydney’s Spill, they discuss Justin Timberlake’s apology, and B. Simone’s manifesting love rant. During "Happy Hour," the crew discuss the Trump acquittal. "Top Shelf Talk" with up and coming artist Chief Griffey. On Rosè & Relationships the crew discuss the movie "Malcom and Marie." Message in the Bottle, Last Call and much much more. Thank you for listening.
"A Good Piece of Chocolate"
2021 Feb 111h 18m 48s
Episode 05 -  Grab a shot!! Welcome back to the show. This week, during "Sydney’s Spill,” the crew discusses country artist Morgan Wallen being dropped from his record label. Gorilla Glue Gate, Super Bowl LV and the greatness of Tom Brady. During "Top Shelf," they discuss the difference between cultural appropriation/appreciation. "Rosè & Relationships," can a man experience the same hurt as a woman if cheated on? "Message in a Bottle," the "Last Call," and much much more. Thank you for listening.
“Your Mom’s a Hoe”
2021 Feb 0458m 47s
Episode 04 - Shots Up! Welcome back to the show. This week, during “Sydney’s Spill,” they discuss the T.I. & Tiny allegations. LeBron James meets Courtside Karen. During “Top-Shelf Talk,” the crew discuss if they believe “hoes” are essential to society or not. Gabe’s “Message in a Bottle,” During “Last Call,” the crew takes shots for Black History Month, and much much more. Thank you for listening.
“Not From 63rd”
2021 Feb 041h 10m 33s
Episode 03 - We hope you have your shots! This week the crew discuss Danileigh, Trey Songz and more during “Sydney’s Spill.” The first Female Black NFL Coach, LGBT acceptance in our communities during “Top-Shelf Talk.” During “Rosé and Relationships,” should men be more emotional in the relationship than women? “Message in a Bottle,” “Last Call,” and much more. Thank you for listening
“Fuck Around and Find Out”
2021 Feb 041h 15m 50s
Episode 02 - Grab a shot, sit back and enjoy the crew! This week they discuss Skai Jackson and Armie Hammer during “Sydney’s Spill.” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn in as new President and Vice President. “Top-Shelf Talk,” what age difference is acceptable for relationships? “Rosé and Relationships,” recognizing physical and mental abuse from both men and women. “Message in a Bottle,” Nobody owes you shit! “Last Call,” and much more. Thank you for listening.
“Broke Bitches in the Way”
2021 Feb 031h 3m 34s
Episode 01 - Welcome to The 3 Shots Podcast! Meet Sydney, Gabe, & Matt. The 3 friends discuss a host of topics from Donald Trump to the # Bussitchallenge. Get to know these 3 friends, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy! Thank you for listening.
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