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The Science of Getting Faster Podcast cuts through the noise and talks directly to the scientists doing the latest research into how to become a faster cyclist, stronger athlete, and healthier person. Join Coach Chad Timmerman and CEO Nate Pearson of TrainerRoad as they interview a new researcher every month about their latest studies, what question they were hoping to answer, how they structured the study, what they observed and what they are still hoping to learn.


Ketones and Bicarbonate with Dr. Chiel Poffé - Science of Getting Faster Podcast Episode 3
2021 Feb 0932m 18s
Exogenous ketones are lauded by many for their endurance performance enhancing properties, but their impact on blood acidity is detrimental to performance and can even counteract their otherwise positive effects. Dr. Chiel Poffe and his partners conducted a study to learn if bicarbonate could unlock the ergogenic action of ketones in endurance exercise, and what they learned was surprising.
Recovery and Carbohydrate Intake with Dr. Tim Podlogar - Science of Getting Faster Podcast Episode 2
2021 Feb 0953m 27s
Glucose and fructose are commonly ingested to improve endurance performance during a workout, but what effect do different mixtures of these two substances have on subsequent endurance performances? In other words, if you are training twice in one day, is it better to take in just glucose, or glucose and fructose? We asked Dr. Tim Podlogar what he learned during his study and what he still wants to know on this topic.
Heat Training and Endurance Performance with Dr. Chris Minson - Science of Getting Faster Podcast Episode 1
2021 Feb 091h 16m 5s
Heat adversely affects the body’s ability to produce work, but strategic utilization of heat in a training regimen can bring about power performance increases. Learn what Dr. Chris Minson, one of the leading experts and researchers on this topic, learned as he was executing his study of how Heat Acclimation Improves Exercise Performance in Episode 1 of the Science of Getting Faster Podcast!
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