Uncover Politics
  • Rayon J Walters
8 episodes
This podcast will inform, provoke, and elucidate your thoughts surrounding political affairs. You can expect nothing but hard-hitting truths and a microscope view of all political dilutions.


Episode two, Jamaica's covid-19 response and the role of the G7 countries
2021 Feb 229m 59s
Jamaica continue to experience covid-19 related deaths and higher infection rate in more recent times. G7 countries met to discussed pandemic relief.
Covid-19 in Jamaica Jamaica episode one
2021 Feb 2010m 12s
How jamaicans are living with the virus and the role of the government and the private sector?
Abduption of school children by Bora Haram in Nigeria.
2021 Feb 1910m 6s
Islamic terrorist group Boka Haram kidnapped children in state run educational institutions.
State of Crime in Jamaica-episode 004
2021 Feb 1711m 1s
Jamaica has a perennial crime problem from the 80s which has devastating impacts on communities, families, economic growth and social welfare for the populace. Successive political administrations have failed to effectively tackled the twain monsters of crime and violence.
Episode three; Trump impeachment Trial Acquital.
2021 Feb 1521m
Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and the future of the Republican party. Is the US democracy at stake?
Episode 002 a continuation of Trump's 2nd historical impeachment trial
2021 Feb 129m 59s
Day four; Trump's defense attorneys presentation of their client's defense and question and answers from; the senators, house Democrat impeachment managers and Trump's attorneys.
Donald J Trump historic 2nd impeachment trial
2021 Feb 119m 35s
The 2nd impeachment trial for former president Trump on one article of impeachment "inciting insurrection against the United states" began on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 in US Senate. Both the democratic house impeachment managers and Trump's defense attorneys presented their open arguments surrounding the constitutionality of trial.
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